Professional Handmade Press on Nails


Clothing is not the only way to construct one's identity - nail art is an increasingly popular way to express oneself. With the right nail art, one can feel confident, happy, and loving. During the pandemic in 2019, many of us felt despair and lost hope in life. However, the founder of Seairnails realized that a change was needed and started by putting on her favorite nail art. As she looked at the shining light in front of her, she felt the same happiness and confidence as before. This inspired her to create Seairnails, a professional handmade press-on nails shop.

The market today is saturated with mass-produced, low-priced machine-made nails, which has led to misconceptions about press-on nail art being associated with low-end and inferior quality. However, professional handmade nails are masterpieces, showcasing exquisite craftsmanship. Each piece represents the labor and aesthetic sense of the nail artist.

Express yourself through the power of nail art with Seairnails. Be bold and reach out.

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