Frequently Asked Questions.

We have listed some frequently asked questions below, hoping to help you.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! We do! We are now based in China and we are trying our best to contact with you! Typically, you will get your packages within one month and due to possible delays please allow up to 6 weeks. Email us at if you need any help.

How long to your nails last?

We say up to 3 weeks with proper
application, we offer an application kit to do this. And please follow the
instructions to apply our nails.

TOP TIP: Ensure there is no oil on your
nails before application, you can remove this with nail polish remover. Push
your cuticles back, add enough glue to cover the entire nail and avoid getting
any glue/overlapping the nail on your skin. All of this will lead to lifting.

If you wish to wear your nails a second
time you wuill need to remove the leftover glue from before. We stock a mini
e-file to get rid of this!

Do you accept refunds?

Yes, we will ask you to return your nails
back to us (postage not covered) and we will process your refund if the nails
are unused, in the original state and package. We do not accept worn nails.

you can also choose to get a half-price coupon and place another order with
half of its original price. By doing the payment, you will receive half of the
refund and get two sets! To sum up, half price for both two sets!

Can I change/cancel my shipping information?

If you put an incorrect shipping address,
please contact us right away. If your package has not been shipped, we can fix
this. Unfortunately, once shipped we cannot get your package back so please
take care.

Will seairnail looks natural?

All photos showed in seairnail are filter-free,
and you will definitely get what you see. Due to difference of display screen,
shade of the nail may change. Our team are committed to offer quality-assured
press-on nails to our beloved customers. To do that, every set of press-on nail
will tested and evaluated by members of our team.

How can I remove seairnail?

Don’t force or pull! You gently peel off
from the side to remove. If you nails seem really 'stuck', apply acetone nail
polish remover around edges, wait 1 minute, then peel off. You can use the
enclosed wood stick to help lift the nail at the sides.

Will seairnail damage my natural nail?

Of course not! Seairnail is 100% safe for your
own natural nails. Every seairnail will go through a long period of tests by
ourselves before put on the shelf.

What if my nail size is between the seairnail sizes?

Choose the smaller size if your nail size
falls in between sizes. Press-on nails will expand when you press firmly onto
natural nails during application, conforming to your nail bed size for a sure